I am the luckiest in this century". When I was born, I remember the memory of the first TV set in my childhood, which made me the most profound. At that time, the whole family came to the hospital. Although there are only a few unclear Taiwan, but the people are also enthusiastic, laughter. Also at that time, let us know the Transformers, Adou Ki, black cat sheriff, mole story and so on some Chinese and foreign animation. These cartoons accompany us to grow. When the little thing is most looking forward to go to Wudaokou mall and mother (a place to live when the state-owned mall), buy the big white rabbit toffee and love stationery can be there, although I have not experienced the supply of clothing, but not at the time of a single commodity circulation and can also be said to be "contemporary characteristics".


to 2000, all state-owned markets become no longer as much as before, all kinds of large shopping malls such as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared, breaking the previous single mode of consumption, people finally can consumption. Later, the supermarket, shopping and more is to do an upgrade, the supermarket model quickly accepted by the people, the past in the mall, is assistant to get you, if not appropriate to change, but the three change two change people tired, have to look at the salesman’s mood. But the supermarket is not the same, all goods are free to buy, like, do not like do not. And you are the 10 selection of high quality and inexpensive, and 100 times and nobody you choose finally satisfied with the goods to the checkout on the finished thing. At the supermarket, likelong supermarket and so people have to patronize, but with access to WAL-MART, Carrefour, PriceSmart and other foreign large supermarket. The competition between supermarkets is increasing day by day, the management mode of each supermarket has a new change, the comfortable shopping environment, the display of goods, the layout of the style are very particular about. Shopping is not only for the sake of life, but for pleasure and enjoyment.

in 2009, the Internet and logistics spawned a new way of shopping, that everyone is familiar with the online shopping, online shopping has become the preferred way of shopping, many people understood: taobao.com trading volume in 2008 is more than 5 times of WAL-MART. Why online shopping is so popular, in fact, for consumers, the advantages of online shopping is: 1, convenient and easy to order. As long as there is a computer connected to the Internet, click the mouse, open the page, browse orders, only a few minutes to be able to choose their own love of goods and finished shopping. Home, home goods, save a lot of tired and bitter, very suitable for lazy people. 2, the price is cheap. A lot of high prices in the market products, the network can often be as low as 50 percent off of the price to buy. 3, many kinds of goods, the choice of diversification. Now the online shopping goods, only you can not think of, can not buy.

the fun of online shopping is not just shopping to buy things, you can also chat, make friends. Enrich the amateur life. The world is changing so fast

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