www.gmle.cn at the beginning of the article lists my website, will let you feel a little ad, but no doubt it’s Bug did so little to ^_^, although sometimes people love money, but if from helping others to come. What’s wrong with that?.

      we shop for a long time, a lot of good business people ^_^. But I don’t know how good people do business. I am also very attentive to customers, has always been a benign countenance, my goods is also good. How do I sell things so few people. In fact, this year with Moutai like wine, people say is not afraid of deep alley, this is wrong. You have such a good thing, why not let the people all over the world know, let everyone to share such a good wine. When Moutai is to the cocktail party broke the wine jars just let people know. But the clothes are not let people know the tear -_-!!!! in fact, there is a way to let bugs, now for everyone to talk about. Bug is a small webmaster, with station experience to give a talk on how to promote their own things, rest assured, will not let you feel ridiculous.

      I said the first method is to write articles, according to your product to write an article, and then write the article inside the shop, just like me, ha ha. We do not look down on an article oh. What do you see Xu Jinglei ah what people’s blog every day tens of thousands of people visit. Exposure rate is very high. Seriously, the Internet is a wonderful -_-!! we all know this, an article is reproduced to hundreds of websites is a normal thing, leading to many of the guests need is black. Get it. In fact, I stand on the whole is reproduced to the www.gmle.cn, -_-!! who is the copyright to tell me, I immediately removed.

      the second method is to find a small advertisement in the management of site cooperation, related sites, not very expensive, of course, you can also see and contact the webmaster can in their own income from the actual site part of the station, the station is also very poor, I like -_-! Good! Well, this station to Alibaba company opened their own Ali mother where to find the site location.

      the third approach is to use Google and Baidu, this approach well, but to spend some money. But the effect is very direct. I once saw a Beijing Polytechnic and a girl hanging in my Taobao ads with Google webmaster -_-!! don’t report me, I point to see their ads. Google account fees cheaper $5, there are two hundred pieces of money the owner can try ^_^. Well, so much nonsense, we are tired of it. Ha ha, in fact, regardless of the method, as long as careful study will be >

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