now the network of Chinese out their own research decimal network has many different views, there are also praise again, each of the reasons, I also express a little bit of views.

‘s view of the people in favor of the decimal network focuses on two points:

, a decimal network is more secure than the current network. Because the current network is IP4 and IP6 standard, and the decimal network is IP9, is the first successful development of the new network standard. The United States for IP4 and IP6 has an unparalleled monopoly, the use of the existing network is equivalent to being monitored by the United states. IPv9 protocol can be compatible with IPv4 and IPv6, but also to achieve logical isolation, to achieve safe and controllable.

two, decimal network is easier to input and memory than the current network. Since the invention of the Chinese invention of the decimal network with the decimal algorithm IP address and MAC address of the new generation network, you can use a string of numbers on behalf of the current network, it is more suitable for Chinese people’s operating habits.

is more than two decimal network promotion highlights, but the actual analysis found the two reasons why some feeble"


a, decimal is a closed network. Since the decimal is the latest development of the Chinese network standard, belonging to the latecomers, there is no mature current network, and later to the development of the pioneer is often supported by their own innovation at the same time. The same is true of the decimal, now China decimal network can run compatible with existing network, but the network is not compatible with the decimal network, that is to say if Chinese full use of decimal network and the world remains to maintain the current network, so Chinese can use the global network at any time, but no one Chinese outside can not enter the Chinese network. If it is true to such a world, then the world will have two, a world wide web, a Chinese character and only the number of Chinese Arabia. This makes the meaning of the existence of the Internet has been lost, the reason why the existence of the Internet is to eliminate the barriers between countries, shorten the distance between people.

two, decimal network should not be used with memory and use. A combination of numbers is like a telephone number, who can remember a large number of phone numbers, if the memory is so good, what do you want to do?. Although it is much easier to enter a large number of the domain name than the current domain name, but please spend a lot of time to remember what the string of numbers, otherwise it will not be more concise than the existing.

domestic support is not wrong, but not blindly xenophobic, absorb it it is fundamental for the development of.

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