sina science and technology news May 4th news, the reporter was informed that, on the day of May 1st, Tmall wireless terminal turnover increased by 53.8%, for the first time more than PC turnover. May 2nd -5 month 3 days, the average daily turnover of Alipay Tmall wireless cat days total turnover of more than 49.8%, tying the PC end volume.

in the amount of user visits, Tmall wireless side also showed growth, wireless end user visits and PC end user visits grew by 26% QoQ, up to 88.2%. A specific data is that during the May Day, only on the tongue of China 2 broadcast after May 3rd to 24 points, the about 5000000 people visited the Tmall wireless terminal.

as an important part of the overall strategy of the end of the whole group of Ali, including multi terminal services, including wireless, including consumers, was referred to a very important position. Tmall President Wang Yulei shortly before the 2014 Tmall strategy conference said, "compared to the mobile phone Taobao, Tmall is not going to make a new client, but the personalized and big data binding in Tmall wireless terminal. Personalization is a good thing for consumers, Tmall through these data can make the brand to achieve greater value."

Wang Yulei also stressed that "the most ideal day, is that users see the Tmall mobile phone, can realize personalized here, see their love of things, or you can see others love. The brand from a single way of marketing in the past has become more diversified, personalized, Tmall wireless to help them grasp the preferences of different consumer groups, deeper communication." (Wu Yu)

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