according to foreign media reports, said many fashion celebrities before they received the invitation to participate in Google will be held in New York next Wednesday on the theme of "integration" of high-tech and fashion activities. Although the invitation did not disclose other information, but a certain fashion PR company from New York Twitter news this morning announced that an anonymous source, Google will launch to enter the field of fashion shopping shopping website.

Twitter news wrote: "the big news: Google is about to launch an e-commerce website, and the website of the online shop opened by the mainstream designers." It is reported that Google will use the acquisition of the relevant technology and experience of the website launched fashion shopping website, enter the field of fashion shopping. The site belongs to all, and is currently in a password protected state.

It is reported that

, previously reported Google search for "Google products" (Google Product Search) website upgrade, in order to enhance the ability to compete with Amazon and eBay, and now Google will launch to enter the field of fashion shopping site shopping "news reports coincide exactly with before. In another development, the recent eBay is also strengthening fashion shopping e-commerce services, which aiming at the market launch of the corresponding iPhone application – "eBay Fashion" one-stop shopping website, "FashionVault" designer clothing discount sales website, and as shoppers launched called "LookBook" street fashion show site.

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