2015, the major electricity supplier in the vast rural market, an enclosure is staged, the focus of the war first launched in the home appliance market.

April 9th, the Jingdong announced the development of rural electricity supplier achievements, which located in the rural people power marketing, distribution, installation and maintenance of the Jingdong to help service shop eye-catching performance — 4 months time, opened more than 400 service shop, service scope of radiation more than 100 thousand villages. Since November 20th last year, opened in Hebei, Zhaoxian County, the first service store, Jingdong to help service providers to expand rapidly, the average daily shop 3, the highest single day shop up to 55. 2015, Jingdong will determine the electricity supplier to the countryside to set up 500 county service centers, recruiting tens of thousands of rural promoters, the establishment of about 1000 Jingdong to help service stores.

recently, Suning announced the completion of 1500 suning.com service station in 2015, and plans to set up 10000 in 5 years, into the country through "countryside, rural electricity supplier development barriers from the channel construction level. Alibaba in October last year, put forward the "million village" 1000 county plan, will be in 3 to 5 years, 10 billion yuan investment in the county and rural areas to build the line service, will build 1000 county specific operations centers and 100 thousand village service station.

in the expansion of the electricity supplier to the countryside, Jingdong, Suning and Alibaba in the strategy, are logistics first, build a line from the county to the village under the service point composed of the grid. The difference is, the Jingdong also chose third party cooperation, in each county choose an experienced partner to help Jingdong opened the service shop, and through a series of services and support will be incorporated into the Jingdong logistics system, and based on the characteristics of rural areas, we assume the power marketing, distribution, installation and maintenance etc. comprehensive function. Suning and Alibaba integrate third party logistics to build a service network covering rural areas.

Jingdong, Suning and Alibaba into the countryside, the first to bear the brunt of suning. Suning in the country with 1400 line shop, many of which are in the three to six line, line development impact first-tier cities like the former business shop, when the electricity supplier into the countryside, the first to be affected is the next line store. Home appliances as an example, before the farmers to buy TV, buy a path basically only to the county electric appliance store, now they can choose like Jingdong to help the same electricity supplier service shop, the price is cheap, home services, installation of one-stop customer service, farmers and Why not?? > just as the impact of Jingdong appliance Suning, a new Jingdong Suning Appliance war kicked off in the countryside, this may really want to live under the leather line. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, such first-tier cities, people have the habit of shopping on the Internet, especially grew up in the Internet environment is 80 to buy decoration purchase appliances, they no longer go to the next line store to buy things. Suning is now living on the line is three to six lines of the store, when the Jingdong in the country to adopt the way of cooperation between the third

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