by hand to create electricity supplier "double eleven shopping carnival, has been eighth years, originally belonging to the nation" holiday ", first buy buy buy crazy place. Just go through the seven year itch "double eleven", this year’s spectacle in addition to the price war, the major electricity supplier platform have put forward rational shopping, pay more attention to improve the quality of the goods and logistics, consumers are increasingly focused on experience, quality and service. In the home appliance industry, according to the "double eleven" this year’s finale of "battlefield", the major brands have started the first pre war, new concessions, followed, among them, the "TV brother SKYWORTH is bringing new ways, to establish the depth of strategic cooperation with the Alibaba, with the integration of online and offline channels in full way to buy buy" consumer experience to bring the ultimate ", SKYWORTH’s color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, cool open TV full line of quality products, will also be on the line in their comprehensive Tmall flagship store, including customized products – SKYWORTH 55V9E is on the line 15 minutes on the sale of more than 2000 Taiwan, detonated concern.


online and offline mobilization, this year "double eleven" new look

in recent years, "double eleven" from simple to meet user demand to buy the price war, the rise of comprehensive brand for entertainment, online and offline collaborative war battle of O2O, and a comprehensive intelligent electricity supplier background upgrade competition…… This year, the integration of online and offline is a big thing, on the one hand, Suning, Gome and other traditional home appliance chain brands with online and offline UMPAY for "double eleven" real return to the retail nature, on the other hand, SKYWORTH and other home appliances brand giants continue to promote the full channel change of online interest redistribution let the new channel retail model can really fall, and return to the customer first service to the law.

according to iResearch released "2015 China Mobile online shopping market scale statistical analysis", with the China Mobile shopping market transactions, high growth, high fragmentation, whenever and wherever possible interaction characteristics of the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal to become the link net purchase market to boost " Online + offline, " " social ", " + consumption; mobile phone; PC+ +TV" ", " entertainment + consumption direction. In the field of home appliances, SKYWORTH road integration of online and offline is praised as "the new home appliance retail model, as the home appliances business first access Tmall channel system, with SKYWORTH cooperation with Alibaba strategic upgrade, after the purchase of SKYWORTH consumer appliances, will not only have a wider range of products, can also be to enjoy the SKYWORTH product line the same price, the same service.


iResearch pointed out that the implementation of the line of the same section and the same price, online marketing and interactive play, traffic advantage, stores more clothes on

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