] November 10th news billion state power network, double 11 Eve, fear and anxiety are filled in business. The latest learned billion state power network, because the day before Tmall has intensified a crackdown on false trading, many well-known brand stores have been downgraded or expelled from the venue of the news, clothing products have become the hardest hit "rumors".


the shots today in a number of Tmall and WeChat group spreads business QQ group. Provide screenshots of the merchant said, Tmall camel men’s flagship store to make the identity of the merchant from the venue for the merchant to downgrade the business area.

billion state power network in Tmall main venue, the venue’s multiple entrance query, did not find the camel men’s flagship store disappeared, only camel dress and camel two international flagship store.


branch field only camel clothing flagship store

therefore, billion state power network linked to the camel Garment Co. Ltd. CEO million diamond, but did not make a direct reply. Followed by its public relations department responded that camel men’s flagship store has not been punished. Camel is actively doing marketing drainage for 11, and strive to complete the first goal of Tmall apparel brand sales.

in addition to the camel, billion state power network with several others rumored to be punished the men’s brand, get back are "no matter" or it is not convenient to answer.

according to the merchant said, Tmall has opened customer service hotline, specifically to solve the problem of the business store was demoted venue. Billion state power network from telephone consultation to understand, if the business shop is punished by the downgrade, email appeal, Tmall will be reviewed in 1-2 working days to receive e-mail, and inform the result.

"this thing recently is urgent examination, 48 hours back to the merchant, before 35 days." The customer service, said recently received a lot of business complaints and telephone calls every day.

The person in charge of a men’s clothing brand

network speculation, in this round of combat "brush" action, or Tmall is taken "zhuadian" means, traditional brands are pulling out one or two, in order to achieve the deterrent effect.

the responsible person also told billion state power network, be punished after the relegation, the biggest impact will come from the traffic. Fined shop during the 11 men from the men’s main venue was removed, or during the warm-up period will be reduced by about UV per day, double the day is reduced to 11 to 100 thousand UV. Assuming that the conversion rate of 10% in accordance with the order of the calculation, the double 11 day may be less than expected about 10 thousand single.

because businesses have to prepare a lot of goods in the preparation stage, if it is to ensure that the double 11 day sales only temporary, a lot of advertising, or more by means of marketing, which will greatly increase the cost of business.

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