as Youku and Tudou, WAL-MART holdings announced 1 store official operation Chinese e-commerce, the show has just staged.

November 7th, a WAL-MART insider confirmed to this newspaper, 1 shop appointed Dai Qing, vice president of human resources, appointed as vice president of finance, Song Youwen. These two per capita for the original WAL-MART China e-commerce team.

from another shop No. 1 unnamed sources, shop No. 1 some non dominant category has been open to the WAL-MART team "practice".

just two weeks ago, WAL-MART officially announced the WAL-MART media to No. 1 shop operation Chinese Electronic Commerce held in Shanghai, WAL-MART’s president of global e-commerce and CEO Neal – Ashe said, WAL-MART is the fancy Shop No. 1 mature management team and management system of supply chain competitiveness. 1 shop chairman Yu Gang also said the two sides will not adjust the organizational structure. "He was a strong man." The above WAL-MART insiders believe that the future of the two will be a lot of problems in the integration process.

WAL-MART 1 shop

there is nothing more urgent than WAL-MART announced the holding of the 1 shop to enter China’s e-commerce business.

October 26th, WAL-MART will be held in Shanghai, the media will announce the official operation of the 1 shop in China e-commerce. It is worth mentioning that, 1 shop was originally intended to be held in Shanghai, unlimited number 1 shop, the strategic conference, WAL-MART was eventually canceled notice, WAL-MART officially entered the theme of China’s e-commerce.

By holding the

Shop No. 1, WAL-MART in Chinese is three pronged: Shop No. 1, Sam’s club and WAL-MART online shopping mall English online shopping mall. Neal, President and chief executive officer of WAL-MART global e-commerce, said the store 1 has a mature management team and a competitive supply chain management system (). The future of the 1 shop is the core of e-commerce development in china."

in May last year, WAL-MART to $1 for the number of shop No. 20% of shares in February this year, WAL-MART announced an increase in investment in shop No. 1, the actual holdings increased to $51%. August, the Ministry of Commerce approved the WAL-MART holding agreement for the 1 shop. Under the agreement, WAL-MART’s stake in store 1 increased from 17.7% to 51.3%, to achieve absolute holding.

, however, WAL-MART did not get all the assets of shop 1. After the Ministry of Commerce approved the capital increase agreement, while adding a restrictive clause: WAL-MART holdings 1 shop can only do business. This means that the No. 1 mall No. 1 group, the famous sale will not belong to WAL-MART holdings of assets. Yu Gang, chairman of the board of the 1 stores in the first response to the conference on WAL-MART, the mall is an independent part of the operation of the 1, now by other companies do." And the company is registered in the same month, the general manager of No. 1 mall Shanghai Zhu Pengcheng is the legal performance of Agel Ecommerce Ltd.

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