small medium enterprisesWei Zhe, President of

(B2B), said at the end of last year, third party agencies conducted research shows that the use of e-commerce than the use of e-commerce business survival rate is 5 times higher. Electronic commerce is the small and medium-sized enterprise "through the winter coat." Government departments also began to help enterprises to develop innovative international market platform model, the use of e-commerce for foreign trade enterprises to build a one-stop public service platform and enterprise resource exchange platform.

Lu Tianyun

"the power of the Internet economy is endless"

in the online search, will find the road Tianyun with the name "electronic commerce" closely together, in 2005 he has been named the Alibaba China "Ten Network", he is using the network platform to the rapid development of the story was widely quoted.

at the end of 2001, when the day when the clouds start business, only 2000 dollars in hand, according to the current exchange rate converted into Renminbi is 15 thousand. In 2005, founded the Shenzhen City Tianyun road Gabriel Environmental Technology Co. ltd..

by Alibaba, Gabriel got the first order of Procter & Gamble’s group to order 5000 beach mat. Next, Gabriel got second pen from Disney’s orders, there are third pen, fourth pen…… Now Gabriel’s client list includes international buyers including WAL-MART, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Budweiser, KFC, NBA, also formed a shopping bag, ice bag (insulation bag), the main products of storage box, beach mat four series.

"the power of the network economy is endless." Lu Tianyun said.

Lu Tianyun’s story may explain, first net is handed in held in Guangzhou hot scenes.

e-commerce Guangdong area

brings together over 9 SMEs

on Saturday, Chinese "fair of first network business" in Liuhua exhibition opening. Morning at about 9, Liuhua front row with one hundred or two hundred meters long team. 30 thousand from all over the country and the largest seller in Guangdong Taobao suppliers here in the collective blind date, in the most direct and effective way to achieve supply and demand docking. According to the organizers statistics, the number of people on the day of more than 50 thousand people.

Why choose

first net is handed in in Guangdong


on the one hand, of course, taking into account the Guangdong as the country’s first foreign trade province, affected by the impact of the international financial crisis, the warm heart of the most urgent.

on the other hand, but also because Alibaba is one of the first to enter the market in Guangdong, a lot of enterprises in the Pearl River Delta is a mature Alibaba customers.

but there is also an important factor that can not be ignored, is the province of Guangdong is vigorously promoting the development of e-commerce, in accordance with the "Pearl River Delta region reform and development plan" requirements,

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