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B2C site collective department store requires 10 years of transition

face the diversification of online shopping demand, China’s independent sales B2C shopping website is playing a subtle change. IResearch last weekend, released in the third quarter of 2009, China’s online shopping market monitoring report shows that the difference between the B2C sites began to shrink, the major B2C online shopping mall collective closer to the Department line. However, the "comprehensive online shopping mall large" is not a short duration of time can be built.

B2C site boundaries increasingly blurred

is a landmark event, veteran books B2C website excellence in department store sales for the first time beyond the audio books, more than half of total sales reached. The 10 year old opponent of the struggle, but also from the beginning of the book Dangdang also began to follow this approach to accelerate the field of department stores, the department store has accounted for more than 16% of sales.

coincidentally, domestic special e-commerce sites have started their transformation of the way. Red children from the original maternal and child supplies vendors to become including cosmetics, health products, Home Furnishing department store, in addition to the original VANCL also launched a new shirt, canvas shoes, jeans and other commodities, even by 3C digital products started from the beginning of the Jingdong involved in the department store Home Furnishing.

Ari analyst Zhang Yanping said: this year and a half, B2C shopping site to accelerate the pace of comprehensive transformation, the difference between the more and more blurred."

sell department stores to get rid of low margin

what is the reason for these has come out on top in their respective areas of B2C sites have to make such a choice? In the industry view, behind this trend, in fact is the need to survive.

data show that the average gross margin of China’s B2C market is only about 10%-15%, especially the gross margin of electronic products and even less than 5%. In this case, only the development of a broader market and has a richer product category, in order to ultimately rely on the advantages of large-scale business survival. China B2C online shopping after 10 years of suffering, still hovering between profit and profit, the final result on the single field is high risk.

and home, department stores products become the main focus of expansion is that these products are relatively high gross profit, in particular the clothing category of more than 50% of the gross profit is not uncommon.

in fact, the world’s largest B2C website from a book by the American Amazon started the B2C website, to become the world’s largest online retail group track along the way have proved that diversification may store is the only way out of B2C website.

versatile B2C in 10 years to win or defeat

although the outstanding department store sales have accounted for the total sales

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