information economy era, business opportunities change mo. Seize the opportunity, will be able to better win the future. Pregnancy skin care brand leader run, in recent years, the rapid development of the industry to marvel. Run one after another sales myth, breaking the old spirit of innovation, to create a young and powerful women’s skin care products dynasty. Recently, pro run in after Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Inner Mongolia, Hohhot, Hefei, Hubei, Wuhan, Anhui into Jiangxi, Nanchang, Sichuan, Chengdu and other places held O2O strategic investment will be released, the community have been enormous repercussions.


Pro run O2O strategic investment promotion site (I)

is one of the investors, each Time will not wait for me., a person with breadth of vision should have tolerance. The country opened up in every province child "policy, so that pregnant women skin care market once again become a hot. Opportunity is once again placed in front of the wise. How to have a share in the second is the development trend of the times, many investors are hoping to get the answer. Great challenges are also placed in front of the first brand of maternal skin care products run in front of business opportunities and competition coexist, how to maintain a strong and then break into a pro run will be thinking. Over the past few months, the company has been held in the O2O strategic investment will be held in many places, sharing will get a multi response, reflecting the strong strength of the pro run brand.


Pro run O2O strategic investment promotion site (two)

lubicating pregnant skincare industry as the undisputed king, over the years, has maintained a high growth development model. To achieve countless brilliant and praise. In the 2013 Tmall double during the period, the creation of a record sales of 8 million of the day, it is shocking to the. Into 2014, the first landing CCTV, became the first cooperation with CCTV brand of skin care products to create a precedent. In the middle of the signing of the fashion hot mom famous actress Ye Yiqian, once again in front of the pregnant women skin care industry. The success of the business battlefield, provide strong support for the spread of physical sales, with new thinking in the Internet marketing Pro run unique, closely integrated online sales, the mature model spawned a huge business opportunities for the entity. Up to now, the territory of Pro run entities has spread throughout most of the country. This year, around the investment will be unpopular sales orders, but also run the physical network to further strengthen and perfect your relations.

sustainable development is not how to get into a large cake. But to make the cake bigger and stronger, for the whole industry to bring forward the great driving force of development. This responsibility, lubicating


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