open shop the most worry is no money on hand, Hangzhou this two day news is a good news.

"is there such a thing? That’s good."." Hear Hangzhou latest policy actually benefit him the small fry, little more than look at once as one of the earthquake.

little more than just graduated from Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College this year, college students, school is a professional e-commerce. And most of the students to give up the profession to find a different job, Xiao Yu chose to stick to rely on their own university during the shop opened on Taobao, their own work. Tens of thousands of sellers in Taobao, with a few more than a few years of hard work, won the Taobao two drill class reputation. So he lifted the spirit, is the Hangzhou municipal government in September 9th the latest issued "on the further use of electronic commerce and employment extension market promote the transformation of a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). According to the opinions, such as small shop operators can be identified as the online venture employment, the highest available 200 thousand yuan of government venture funding.

online employment and entrepreneurship have identified three criteria

is accompanied by the rise of the Internet and e-commerce have emerged in Hangzhou Alibaba, Hi2000, Panshi, Zhejiang Zhencheng medicine such as a large number of the country and the world well-known e-commerce enterprises. The municipal government also complies with the integration of industrialization and informatization development trend, the establishment of the strategic position of the development of electronic commerce, proposed to build a "China electronic commerce" and "the Internet economy of the world," the strategic target, issued a lot to encourage enterprises and individuals engaged in e-commerce policy measures.

compared with the previous introduction of the policy, the opinions on the way to determine the employment of entrepreneurship on the Internet has a lot of innovation." The city center of economic development director Zhou Xuyin told reporters.

according to the "opinions", where the registered urban unemployed, college graduates and rural migrant workers in the online trading platform through real name registration certification in e-commerce (shop) business, and have not registered in Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the cumulative seller credit score reached 1000 points or more, the favorable rate (the percentage of the number of praise and transaction number) in more than 98%, or business for more than three months and a monthly income of more than Hangzhou urban minimum monthly wage (960 yuan), can be identified as the online employment and entrepreneurship. Prior to these people have been free of government support policies.

In addition to

, who was identified as the online business employment of college students or unemployed, are loans, entrepreneurship subsidies, social security subsidies, unemployment insurance and other aspects, enjoy the same entity with the enterprise policy treatment. Among them, only the government grants an online venture enterprises or self-employed, you can get 20 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan grant from the government. In addition, all registered unemployed and disabled persons and shop business registration, industry and commerce, the tax department in accordance with the provisions exempt management class, class registration and license fees.


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