October 14th, in the first meeting of the NetEase held the first meeting of the general assembly, NetEase CEO Ding Lei announced that NetEase strict selection will pay interest on all suppliers to cooperate. This is not only a great good news for Chinese manufacturing companies, but also will completely subvert the traditional supply chain procurement rules.

industry initiative reverse weak position


as China’s first ODM model of electricity providers, NetEase strict selection is the strategic layout of NetEase in the field of electricity providers. In October 14th, the NetEase held the first meeting of selected suppliers, NetEase CEO Ding Lei announced a pioneering business policy at the meeting: NetEase will be strictly selected for all suppliers to pay the pressure of interest. "We are committed to building a more benign mechanism with a partner, with the greatest efforts to support innovation and quality advantages of the enterprises, to provide more quality products for the market, let the Chinese people and the world to know Chinese manufacturing."


at present, the brand side of the market and suppliers to take the cooperation is the 361 mode of payment, that is, in accordance with the advance payment of 30%, 60% of the delivery and the payment of the quality of the phased payment of 10%. The brand in the party to pay the remaining 10% of the pressure, not only does not pay interest, but also often have withheld money factory, which makes long disadvantaged suppliers bear huge financial pressure.

and NetEase strict selection for suppliers to pay interest on whether it is in the field of electricity supplier or manufacturing industry in China, are the first. This will not only ensure that the supply of cash flow security, but also to provide them with additional financial support. This will be a major positive news for China’s manufacturing industry, the future will break the traditional supply chain procurement rules.

Ding Lei publicly promised not diandaqike

"shop big or not absolutely NetEase, between us and the supplier is a benign relationship," Ding Lei said in his speech, I’ll contact the suppliers to provide, as long as there is not smooth, not satisfied with the situation in the process of cooperation, the supplier can send e-mail feedback directly to him. "We do NetEase carefully selected, with feelings to do, it cannot do without the support of all suppliers, strictly selected to define the new standard China electricity supplier in the field, with the hope that Chinese manufacturing jointly maintain strict selection of quality products. "


It is reported that

, in addition to the preferential interest rate policy, in order to ensure the stability of cooperation, Ding Lei also said that in terms of orders, each selected supplier and cooperation will be maintained at least 3 to 5 years, which is equivalent to the supplier to eat a reassurance.

it is worth mentioning that, after Ding Lei had left the scene, but also to return again, the supplier will stay with them for a warm interaction. In addition to the imagination of NetEase selected future, Ding Lei also with suppliers in cooperation.

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