Chinese who suspected that the.Cn domain name is not suspected Chinese do not eat Steamed Rice although the mainone!!! Such a liar in the power registrar, but Chinese. China can. See article —-< see the flicker in the power Chinese domain can facilitate people to surf the Internet? > Abstract:… To… Look at the most close to the Internet domain name Chinese Chinese a form: "Peking University. Chinese", please note that the domain name in the middle period of ".", it is different with the Chinese input method in the no."." , that is to say, enter the domain name at least two times to switch the input method, try to know this form of Internet access is not convenient. No matter which Chinese. Chinese middle period or later, can be accessed by IE7. Also, he said is wrong, in the power flicker you, you find in the power!!! Chinese.Cn domain name also cannot say no, don’t know talk nonsense!!! He also said that other countries are scrambling to Chinese native Internet. China not tell you a way to switch the input method. You play the keyboard number below 3, the "middle point" and enter the number 0 on the OK support. Chinese.Cn domain name, domain name. Give me the top Chinese Chinese. Chinese is king. Chinese of Chinese, Chinese said Chinese, Chinese with Chinese with Chinese on the net is online. Habit, rather than enter the URL is not convenient to the problem. The domain name Chinese Chinese. China is king. Chinese.Cn Chinese. China. I China of indomitable spirit forum home owners Money Forum

see: October 8, 2007 news, according to foreign media reports, the Internet domain name management agency ICANN recently said it would start this week, including Chinese, including non English domain name test.

reported this week to participate in the test of non English languages have simplified and traditional Chinese Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Yiddish (Jewish used international language), North India and Tamil language.

if the test is successful, then the.Com or.Net end of the above non English domain name will be put into use by the end of 2008. ICANN said that they will use the Punycode software to convert the language to Latin American characters and numbers can be identified by the root server. I forum China’s home owners to make money forum

Chinese who suspected that the.Cn domain name is not suspected Chinese do not eat Steamed Rice!!! The Chinese domain name is king.

Chinese Chinese.

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