vertical shopping sites in the e-commerce sector is favored, with his unique advantage to occupy the upper hand. Vertical shopping sites, compared to comprehensive shopping has certain advantages, the first one is the product segments, only perfumes or shoes or bags of digital products such as mobile phone, just focus on one industry to do, precise positioning, once the formation of scale effect, money immeasurable, will have a group of loyal customer groups. Secondly, because of its single product, more convenient for management, integrated shopping website product categories, in the warehouse management is not a small expenditure. Again, more professional service, due to the focus on an industry, relevant personnel for their specific product knowledge understanding, can better position the customer to answer questions, but comprehensive shopping variety, attention is not very strong.

popularity of the moment in the vertical shopping site, the development of voice on comprehensive shopping sites is very small. Careful observation is not difficult to find,, started selling books from the Internet, has now developed into Home Furnishing fashion shopping integrated station, the same red child, maternal and child supplies sales to integrated shopping mall now, Jingdong to send sales of digital home appliances to the bags, gradually began to integrated, why before or a recent once the number of vertical shopping website to the general shopping site to close up? The first point: after several years of development, these sites have a certain reputation influence, have a group of loyal customers, and this part of the related products there is a certain demand, so expand the industrial circle, also be not at all surprising. Second. Due to too much focus on, tend to lose a lot of potential customers, want to buy off the products to customers, expand integrated shopping, one can obtain additional benefits more than the original, on the other hand can spread the risk, and the settlement is basically between suppliers monthly settlement, distribution agent sales model, intangible. The equivalent of doing business without capital, capital Why not?.

comprehensive shopping website or vertical shopping website or, are all forms of electronic commerce B2C only, no one more advantage of this argument, have loyal customers is the key, integrated to provide one-stop shopping service, vertical class can provide more professional service, both in the future the development will have a certain change, vertical websites may gradually expand the product line, to the comprehensive development, the purpose is very clear, to a certain stage of development, who is going to make a profit.

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