[Abstract] the Amazon in the industry "reputation" is not good, which is one of the most widely circulated to staff "stingy".

Amazon Seattle headquarters office building entrance

Tencent technology Ji Zhenyu August 30th Silicon Valley report

"either you like it, or you hate it, there is no intermediate state." Served as Amazon’s cloud computing services business strategy and business development in China, senior director of ginger Meng summed up Amazon’s culture.

A recent article

"New York Times", will be pushed to the Amazon: the staff, in the teeth of the storm harsh working pressures, often forcing employees "crying in the desk". These make this home appliance giant face become very ferocious, Amazon founder Geoff · Bezos (Jeff Bezos) are forced to speak out: "this is not what I know of the amazon".

In fact, as early as in the "

" New York Times before this article was published, the Amazon in the industry "reputation" is not good, the staff of "stingy" is one of the most widely circulated, such feelings may be more intense when you go to the Amazon headquarters in Seattle.

and Google (micro-blog), Facebook and other large technology companies to provide free lunches to employees compared to Amazon does not offer a free lunch, every lunchtime, employees have to queue meal, then go to the cashier to pay wait in line.

this is not finished, the staff to work in the Amazon, even many companies can provide the most basic benefits – free parking can not enjoy, an average moonlight parking fee will cost $more than and 200.

even Amazon senior vice president level executives on business trips, the company is only affordable economy fare.

with contrast, Amason to the user and the employee dog is surprisingly good. The first book in the Amason on the website of the customer, his name was luckily named for Amason an office building, a dog named Rufus an old employee, also won this award. On the staff, Bezos with its famous "Day One" theory named two main buildings to remind them: This is the first day, you do not go far enough.

in addition, Bezos has also been stressed "table" ("Door Desk") culture, origin of the cultural tradition under the door when the demolition of the table in the garage in the early hard pioneer Bezos.

so when you see the artistic wall board, made into the front desk, you will have the illusion that this is a "save" start-ups.

but when you come to the Amazon operations center, but the one-sided impression before it is completely swept away: a powerful company, covers an area of nearly 30 operations center of an American football field area, with spectacular is not enough, here.

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