2013, O2O heat was in a complete mess. Catering as the largest market in the field of O2O, the beginning of a lot of attention. Now the war group purchase settled, the U.S. group occupy half of the country, the public comment followed by two of the market share of over 7, fierce; food takeaway market suddenly started at the close of the year of the moment, it’s a huge financing hungry strongly stimulated the giants of the nerve, began to have the layout of the O2O map of the dream platform; on the sidelines, but all in vain. There is still a concern but low-key luxury connotation is vertical market related to the family table, is the main menu on behalf of delicacy, also attracted a large number of game player into the Bureau, at present the overall user scale is about 60 million.

next, please follow the rhythm of the sand water, a taste of the wonderful taste of the 2013 annual food and beverage O2O market.

has been Langyan takeaway food market

buy market pattern has been set, no need to say. However, another market segment has been outside the outbreak, it is catering takeaway. In November 27th, online ordering platform "hungry" financing of $25 million in the news, such as a blockbusters again burn O2O miami. Shortly thereafter, Ali and the United States mission also on the line of a dedicated O2O takeaway business department – Taobao point and the u.s.. As a result, the entire food and beverage O2O market from the purchase of the war extends to takeaway.

where the money is near, there will be competitors gathered in the fierce competition, needless to say, before the group has already proved this logic. Speaking of the development of the ecological environment of the Internet, where the hot spots and the air, there will be a large influx of people at a time, buy is the Internet banking is also takeaway. In Chinese, the Internet of the jungle was performed with the most incisive, is the law of the jungle and bloody fight.

because of this, the domestic Internet companies want to be successful, not on the direction of the pattern on the line, this is a must have the spirit of "rogue" to play the place, but also to prevent the risk of being giant copycat that is really startling step by step, always on tenterhooks. Otherwise, there will be some chiefs suggest small companies to start a low profile, and so on their own competition threshold is high enough to come out again when the sound of it?

want to know, takeaway market is no less than the size of the group. At present, the country’s large and small takeaway website is also a lot, but only to make a remarkable result of the hungry one, which is relative to the year of the war to buy a lot of competition environment is much better. That is 25 million dollars in financing greatly stimulated the giants of the nerve, let Ali and Beauty Group invested heavily in the beginning of the layout, the public comments are also eager to.

as for the public comment, 2013 was questioned, but also heavy burden. Zhang Tao always reserved the second half started active this year, frequent exposure. This is the rhythm he uncharacteristically, whether due to the external pressure to boost the morale of employees in an attempt to turn the tide, still struggling in.

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