according to the mobile medical Dr.2 in a large coffee open Pharmaceutical Industry Forum revealed that Baidu direct number will be the layout of "online Xunyiwenyao", directly to drainage line pharmacies. It is understood that Baidu will release this strategic initiative in April 12th, the conference site selected in Hangzhou. This is a direct declaration of health Ali Baidu signal."

Ali health from December last year, the layout of the drug O2O, Ali want to use health APP to create a new prescription drug purchase. At present, the number of cities signed Ali health pharmacy coverage reached more than and 200, more than the population of these pharmacies covering more than 500 million people.

it is reported that Baidu’s O2O for this product is called drug direct, April 9th users can experience this product. Since it is the Baidu direct flag under a breakdown products, presumably also a continuation of the operation of Baidu direct number. Baidu direct number is the official service account business in Baidu mobile platform. Based on mobile search, @ account, maps, personalized recommendation and other ways, so that hundreds of millions of customers anytime, anywhere direct business services. The medicine and pharmacy is the direct cooperation, to provide users with the drug search nearby pharmacies pharmacy services, consulting and delivery service, there will be third party delivery partners access, solve the pharmacy drug delivery problem.

Baidu direct number diagram

direct number bears the responsibility of Baidu O2O, attached to its search engine, positioned to enhance the conversion rate of business marketing tools. Direct number is in fact the two core functions: to provide a mobile phone website template, check the business can build their own mobile phone site; provide a way to visit. The input @*** directly in the Baidu mobile phone, will be able to access this website.

according to expert analysis, the advantage of direct number is through a variety of templates to solve the problem of small and medium enterprises mobile station. In addition, if the conversion rate to calculate, Baidu direct number conversion rate is higher. Because the user is through the Baidu search box @ brand name directly into the merchant mobile station, which in itself shows that the user has a very strong demand. But the direct number also has many slot points:

is a user @ behavior often occurs only in the well-known brand, if not well-known brands, the number of direct value is difficult to be reflected, because they not many users will like to search, not to mention any transformation.

two is the business needs to face the drainage problem, Baidu in the layout of the mobile terminal is far better than Tencent, Ali, which has been a short board of Baidu, the use of the top 5 APP is not a Baidu.

three is Baidu has not set up perfect user account system, Baidu is not similar to the WeChat public number allows users to focus on the function, the enterprise cannot push information to the user, to the user viscosity is very low.

four is like Yu Guangdong, vice president of said, Baidu direct number in search >

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