said that Baidu know the topic, I believe everyone will have a touch of sadness of love, because since more than a year, Baidu know N platform upgrade, resulting in marketing people know what was popular for a long time pain platform unceasingly! Because once in Baidu know do the bulk of the advertising platform is deleted, and now it is difficult to know in the ads, submit a is deleted. In the Q & a group, as if the war had been invaded, like a sad sound everywhere, are shaking the head said, Baidu know can not do".

, in order to survive in an environment must adapt to this environment;

this sentence is often mentioned and used in our lives, in the same way, Baidu know platform marketing is also quite appropriate. Any platform has his mission and the rules of the game, then we want to survive in this platform Baidu know that it must take the opportunity and comply with the rules of the game. Then we have to understand the development trend of Baidu know. To know if the platform has a relatively deep understanding of friends, think carefully clear: Baidu know his mission is to provide users with a platform of knowledge gathering user experience to solve Difficult miscellaneous diseases. So it is necessary to maintain the authenticity of the platform and the development of the advertising filtering mechanism. If you do not do so, then this platform will become the advertising wall, garbage pool. When you understand these, you should not be able to sit on the platform because you know not advertising Baidu.

two, do not use the experience to deal with the current changes

is the so-called "empirical killing people", we often like to use past experience to do things now. A simple example, before a classmate has done years of work of SEO consulting me why his website teachers do not come up, I understand that after his operation is updated daily articles every day outside the chain. I talked about, and now it is difficult to get this simple ranking, because the updated content and the hair of the chain of this kind of work who can do, and search engine algorithms are constantly updated. I talked to him about the site’s user experience design. At this time, he said a classic words: "why do I do a few years ago to do rankings?". We come back to the topic, we used to do Baidu know promotion, is to buy a large number of accounts, or find someone to answer each answer, do not have to pay too much attention to details can make their own promotion to know information display platform, and now, Baidu know big improvement of ad filtering which do very precise once, it must be improved. Knowing this, we can find a better way to deal with it. You can say that this is Baidu know the development trend that can also be considered such as Baidu know xiemoshalv


three, one of the breakthrough methods: account quality

from Baidu know the change of view, Baidu began to pay more and more attention to the quality of the account, the account quality is high, answer, be recommended, ranking has a great advantage. How to provide account

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