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The coal industry is still cold winter

. Even "worry about carbon base to it" for now the market is not very useful, as of the end of 10, national key power plant coal storage 74 million 240 thousand tons, available for 28 days, while the whole society of coal has continued for 46 months more than 3 tons. Although the increasingly cold, hope that the downstream coal enterprises to expand demand for coal industry is still no significant improvement.

With the

to form a strong contrast is the rise of the coal business platform, in the "Internet plus" tide, all kinds of coal trading platform came into being.

days ago, by the Chinese forestry group and China (Taiyuan) coal trading center led the establishment of the East China coal mining trading service center in Jiangsu, Rugao. At the same time, Taiyuan coal trading center in the middle reaches of the Rugao port to build the downstream reservoir. It is reported that the annual turnover of more than 750 billion yuan Taiyuan Coal Center, which means that its payment and customer service from Shanxi to the core area of the East China and the Yangtze River coal ore hub port.

"Internet plus" under the tide of coal electricity supplier

November 24th, the national development and Reform Commission issued in 2015 1-10 month coal industry data, the overall downward. 1 ~ October national coal production of 30.45 tons, down by 3.6%. Railway coal shipped 16.6 tons, down by 13.2%. Imported coal 1.7 tons, down by 29.9%; exports of 4 million 540 thousand tons, down by 6.5%.

the golden age of the coal industry is gone, how to seek the transformation of the traditional energy industry has become the number one issue of the ring on the industrial chain. The coal industry is one of the transition path to catch the hottest "Internet plus" wave.

coal industry marketization degree is low, relatively flat sales structure, non standardized products and easy storage, B2B makes the coal electricity providers started behind other commodities such as steel and chemical industry. But the market structure is uncertain, broad development space.

in recent years, the coal electricity began to emerge, a large coal enterprises to develop the online shopping mall, such as enterprise of Shenhua coal and other coal to broaden sales channels; local government led regional trading center, the Taiyuan coal trading center as the representative of one of the third party; and the coal online trading platform and set up the port business platform, such as the Qinhuangdao state owned port logistics trading center.

according to investment adviser Cui Yu introduction, the current electricity supplier platform for the development of better Northeast Asia coal trading center. According to earlier media reports, 2014 East coal coal trading monthly volume of 1 million tons, in 2015 this figure reached 4 million tons, is expected to reach wuliuqianwan tons, turnover of 20 billion yuan.

other active platform in the market, as of November 25th, on the net of easy coal accumulated on the line in March

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