lead: soft Wen promotion I think is a generalization of the best model, because the soft, good effect, quick, easy to collect accurate database, a novice to learn the promotion of choice. But there are plenty of tutorials just speak generally online, not really teach you how to write the actual text. Today, teach you how to really write a reader like soft. We take weight loss soft text as an example.

first choice soft release platform

this is very important, you want to clear their own soft Wen is for who to see. We write to lose weight soft Wen, is to write to those who are willing to lose weight to see, so to find these people often stay in what place, is certainly some of the popular weight loss forum.

select publishing platform should be noted:

1, registered account, to observe the reader like in the forum which section active;

2, serious study forum posting rules. This is important because you are aware of what kind of card to the moderator of the audit, how much you want to send posts to free trial, to avoid the feeble, kicked directly;

second how to choose soft

why is it said that the choice of soft? Because we do not need to write, we have to do is to pick up on the Internet, there are a lot of written online soft. A soft Wen directly affects the user experience of the reader, only the user experience a good soft Wen can meet the real purpose of the soft Wen, so the selection of soft Wen is a prudent thing.

so the question is, how to choose a good soft Wen?

1, select the story of soft wen. For example, an inspirational story of weight loss, a fat encounter.

2, soft wenyiding illustrations. Dry if the user experience is poor, as I write, with several images will have a great change, to give the reader a sense of reality, especially with their real experience of figure.

3, where to find soft? For example: you do lose weight soft, you can go to Baidu search for "how to lose weight" will find a lot of relevant written text; or, you can go to find zhubajie.com, not to release the task, the task is to find someone else to do.

third how to modify the soft

choose a good soft Wen, do not copy others directly, we must pay attention to modify, this is the key to write soft. To add their own promotion in the right place.

How to modify the soft


1, modify the title.

is the subject of an article point of the eye, because readers first see is your subject, only the title to attract people, the reader is opening the desire to continue reading.

topic writing methods include:

experience sharing "– to see how I was reduced from 160 to 99 pounds of"

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