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domestic intelligent Home Furnishing star enterprise oruobo said foreign joint Alibaba recently launched a crowdfunding intelligent lowest to 39 yuan chaxianban COCO, currently on the line Taobao congregation raised less than 10 days, the congregation raised nearly 40 thousand people. Not only the function of appearance with millet patchboard, but also with WiFi intelligent control.


startups can make smart home explosive goods do?

if we seriously study the history of the development of Tencent will be able to understand that Tencent is the best company to do explosive products, of course, compared to the software products are more light and easy to have a self diffusion effect. Behind the explosion of the product, the premise is what?. When you have a special day hungry, have a bowl of hot Stir-Fried Rice with Egg and a nice little candy, you instantly understand the value of products of foot. A core Internet product is "open speed", in the "fast" on a number of investment money from the Tencent do not have to ask, Home Furnishing intelligent single product core point where? If there is no core point, to make explosive goods too difficult. With the core point is not enough, the product also needs to feature, to give users a sense of satisfaction and goodwill!

Tencent home appliances in the end of 2014, the smart home industry survey report, 40.84% of users and 33.47% of users choose the living room and bedroom is the most intelligent place. I think COCO smart socket, this product is the living room and bedroom is essential, life must, home appliances more and more, this year the refrigerator washing machine and computer audio and other external devices, undoubtedly put aside intelligent concept patchboard, itself is a very hungry public customers.

as a home and office essential products, the product design is actually quite a key factor, the safety of course is also very important, it seems in the patchboard area of this product, the traditional brand like a bull and a hardware store that chaxianban unknown name can also in terms of security, bought so many patchboard, there is no encountered chaxianban quality what big problems, my personal feeling is the safety threshold for this product area is not so high, so this point to many ordinary people will not become the core selling point, chaxianban security is not to be? But not every brand product design bar. COCO smart socket is undoubtedly playing the price card, from the Baidu search data, COCO is Sike millet and bull, a little angry feeling, but any business is definitely not angry, for consumers, if you can spend less money to buy more and more good products, which is good.

on a pot of herbal tea JDB put tens of billions of market made up, if there is no Dezhou Poker "Allin" courage and courage, if a company knows what is the real money like water, regardless of the cost to the Tencent can design company to modify a product map >

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