now seems to have become WeChat and other emerging from the media platform of the world, many people will feel that talk about QQ space is a bit outdated. This view is biased, QQ space monthly active users reached 848 million. Such a flow of treasure, you said it had no value, this is not a right. As long as the QQ space traffic is still, it will never be out of date. We take a look at how to create a flow of millions of QQ space, grassroots QQ users how to get experience.

let us see an example, see QQ

space QQ space marketing God


spatial attention to 6 million 334 thousand people, the amount of reading each log in at least thousands of people. Read these logs if only rely on a single article is difficult to achieve this effect. The reason why this space is so popular is: log reprint, log sharing. You can see this article " thirty-six.." "… Been reprinted 385 times, 340 times to be shared. Was reproduced 385 times, it may be reproduced and shared…


The key to the problem of

, we grassroots QQ space if you want to achieve this effect, there are two ways

1, a large number of one-way friends

2, a large number of space logs are reproduced and shared

As for why

one-way, do a QQ marketing people know, an ordinary QQ can only add 500-900 friends, VIP and SVIP are also members of only more than 1 thousand people, even if you QQ a few times to reach the highest and the opening of the SVIP, the highest is only to 2000 QQ friends (svip7 only). This is for us to be interested in QQ space marketing is not enough. As for how to QQ one-way, I suggest you look at the " interest in the tribe of WeChat fans, " drainage; drainage to WeChat, of course QQ one-way drainage, and I also more drainage to QQ, convenient operation.

if we really can not drain too many one-way friends, then another way is that our logs can be reproduced in large numbers. Ordinary people is certainly not so good writing and marketing strategy, never mind, we only need to use " " some log under God QQ space can be. To recommend a more professional QQ space log website, in the figure. This site has been ready for you the most popular QQ space log, you no longer have to write their own brains soft.


said here, it may be said, so the way cattle, you have to practice it? I have tried, although the amount of reading

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