I am the boss of a website for adult products, about 3 years, Baidu search Lele adult first.
          as the early adult mall mall promotion for small business owners, only Baidu bid, first day in Baidu will consume 2000 yuan, and later began to do YAHOO Sogou, the search engine bidding, anyway, only know the day is more and more high, investment the advertising fee is not low turnover, to the beginning of 07, we started to do some web forums monthly advertising, including the well-known 99 forum, wolook, June, the effect really is much higher than the search cost, but in fact these forum user group is fixed, you put 1 years of investment and access to 3 months are pretty close, popularity is very good indeed, but to a lesser extent the new. And their prices were too high, and finally went to Baidu and put on the bidding.
          beginning in August of this year, some of my friends advised me to do their own advertising, putting 56 thousand also such as their alliance, although to raise labor costs, but there will be more sites to see my mall advertising, but also can improve visibility. In the course of contacts on the purchase of a advertising alliance program, SQL version is said to be good. Slowly I contact some of the previous webmaster friends to join my advertising alliance, in fact, said the alliance is also a business, no other advertisers. Including a large picture site "my sister", "MM" and so on have become a good source of my site advertising.
          we are not the league, there is no difference in advertising to make money, do an advertising platform is just more convenient for my advertising. So please do not worry about the amount of deduction and so on, welcome you to monitor.
          current payment to take up to 100 yuan after the completion of the payment within 3 days. (as usual this weekend!) If you do not pay can contact us.
        in order to give you the grassroots webmaster can rest assured that our alliance announced telephone complaints: 400-661-5154 (only provide financial advice and complaints)
        U.CQLELE.COM hope that we are here to earn more money, Chongqing Wuhan friends can have a chat. To make friends.

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