today is to analyze the micro meters air purifier project, their products are very leading technology in the world, now many hospitals and five star hotels are using their products, launched 6 months after sales of nearly 10 million.

but in the market, have a headache: Several maternity hospital, only the use of their products in their office, but ward refused to use them, as we know the PHILPS effect, but with PHILPS, said he used to good effect. The customer must sign in.

how to solve this problem?

here to share the most critical points out:

first step: find positioning

how to locate, need to analyze the market pain points and their own advantages.

1, market pain points:

the air purifier market most of the technology is very common, dragons and fishes jumbled together, the function is very general, how will this market quickly highlight its advantages is the key.

2, its own advantages:

micro meters fresh air air purifier is combined with innovative R & D department China Appliance Research Institute, specializing in domestic air pollution, developed by self circulation, circulation and circulation of three cyclic purification methods to improve indoor air quality of the new cycle air purifier, it can reach 99% to 1 hours in addition to formaldehyde in the air, they the data in the PK, beyond the market of any international brands.

final positioning: medical level air purifier!

second step: find a breakthrough point

micro team advantage in product research and development and sales of traditional channels, they did not spread the brand, how can we quickly shape influence?

is the key to find a breakthrough point of the most NB, and then severely spread.

at present, the market a variety of air purifiers are talking about a variety of ideas truth, people listen to the halo, do not know whether it is really effective, how to find their own breakthrough point?

products Poomsae still rely on technology, how to reflect their own leading technology


science is rigorous, I advise them to speak with the data, they are currently in to the customer when installed, are air quality data with other professional instruments at home or related sites, and then according to their air purifier, and inform the use of methods, the effect is very obvious.

at the same time doing research and development, they test the contrast, and the international brands are PK, the data are very advanced. So I suggest that they compare the data from the opening as a breakthrough point, writing a large number of evaluation PK contrast articles, to specific, detailed, rigorous use of data to speak.

third step >

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