in recent years, particularly in recent years, domestic and overseas web games live, change rapidly, dizzying.

      so, what is the reason for the rise of web games? Web games as a new thing, its past, present and future will be like? From the perspective of game makers, how do we look at its market and production characteristics? The author tries to do some thinking in these aspects, some superficial views, in order to achieve the role of. You can use MSN (guoxianghao at or QQ (791824728) to communicate with the author on the web game.

      1 web games appeared very early, the first game is actually a "simple", written with HTML simple interface, interactive means poor, each game player and the game interaction will cause a browser shuabing. When the web games, user experience compared with PC single game world there is a world of difference. Interface and interactive means, the web game also can not display in the gameplay design, so the web game has been difficult to be relegated, game player recognition. Over the past two years, the rapid development of web games, has gradually been known and accepted by some audiences and love, is the inevitable product of the development of browser technology. The development of technology has provided a wealth of expression for web games. Rich Internet applications in recent years (Rich Internet Application, referred to as RIA) technology, in the most widely used browser on the platform to make a beautiful display and interactive effect. It is particularly worth mentioning is that AJax technology, Shuabing can not communicate with the server in the browser, updated website of local information, greatly improve the user experience. Using this technology, applications and traditional desktop applications to make even temporarily unable to equal shares, but the trend is already beginning to meet as equals. Take the most popular web game, "cat’s travels" as an example: its interface and dynamic interaction process, it has been difficult to distinguish between this is an independent game program, or web browser applications. The development trend of the technology is that most applications in the future can be done inside the browser. The industry has recently viewed the browser as a virtual operating system, called WebOS, running on WebOS, Gmail, Flickr to replace the tablet, Foxmail and Acdsee desktop applications such as Writely. So, there will be eye-catching game masterpiece, the history of WebOS trend, a trend which cannot be halted, should go to.

      2, from the perspective of the game market and user perspective, the web game is not the mainstream game, and it can not become mainstream. But it meets the needs of some people and adapts to a market segment

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