this year, the rise of a number of start-up companies, but also fell a lot of capital strand breaks. Business on the road, not only need to have poison chicken near the body, standing. Success to success, failure to fail, watching others play, or to continue shouting slogans. This is the 4 aborted startup case, put forward in particular here, because they might have been successful, but because the strategy or design of some of them suffered the ultimate failure.

aborted start-up companies have done what



Dodgeball is a mobile social applications, but at the time of the release is not a mobile social, this one, it is a bit difficult. The local social network based on the demand of two flawed — without the intelligent mobile phone, is not true; when there is no social demand, also not established.


Facebook released in Dodgeball has not started, so only their own power is difficult to tell us why you need to constantly refresh the page to follow your friends doing.

was born in 2005, two years later, was acquired by Google.

lesson: you may have a good idea, but the idea of the market demand has not been widely recognized, the development can not be successful.


, a local social network, was released in 2007, and over the past few years, there have been signs that Gowalla has the potential to succeed.

Gowalla is also because the release time is too late. At that time, the smart phone is not so developed, so people can only experience the mobile terminal browser Gowalla.

Gowalla released after taking $8 million 300 thousand in venture capital, and finally Facebook to $3 million acquisition. This fully shows that even if the investment was acquired by the world’s largest company, it may be a failure.


2009, Gowalla and Foursquare these two features are very similar to the application at the same time debut SXSW; in 2012, and then appeared on the SXSW, Gowalla was taken over.

lesson: if you can’t provide a good experience, don’t challenge the giant.


Pet service website

in many hurricane and fell down in the is one of them. But now, pet service class electricity supplier is considered to be a successful business model. >

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