to give a poster for example, two kinds, out of the street and the draft. Out of the street refers to everyone in the major media to see the real customer advertising. So what is the airplane draft?


aircraft is not through the release of customers, but also did not use the strategy, creative people arbitrarily take some known information to create works. But it must also present a unique perspective, nor is it a beautiful picture called aircraft. The major awards must be put in the media, so now the aircraft will be before the draft award, do a small amount of media to meet the conditions of the competition.

aircraft draft relative to the line of creativity and execution is not bad, but the effect is even more stunning. Because, after all, it is not through the customer’s various requirements but partial art and simple selling point of the organic combination of products, as advertisers feel satisfied with it.

what’s the idea of advertising,



The reason why

is interested in the idea is that creativity is a new understanding of the existing things on the basis of the introduction of a certain element. A piece of creative work can be judged according to the following 4 combinations.


here’s the old picture refers to the same category, the main elements of the picture elements or visual performance is very conventional, not to say that the screen is retro wind. The point of view is the meaning of what is usually expressed in the unconscious. For example, most of the washing powder detergent washing performance is very clean, do not hurt the hand.

let’s take a look at the new ideas + old picture.

this is a travel agency for pets. Everyone has the right to enjoy the world. For them than the world’s famous buildings, more concerned about the occupation of land with their own odor. For example, stump, street.




here’s a very interesting point of view, because the pet has never been to provide travel services, the picture is more conventional, shooting and repair plans to present ideas.

let’s take a look at the old view + new picture.

this is a fan of advertising, the view is a strong exhaust. The picture is the description of the image of smoke, and the smell of smoke when cooking fragrance all directly in isolation outside. View is very conventional smoke, but the screen is very interesting.




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