February 23rd, Kika officially announced the completion of 200 million yuan B round of financing, valuation of $1 billion 800 million. This round of financing from the East, and the gods interactive aspect Hiromichi Bole CEO Zhu ye investment. Among them, the East Hiromichi A round of financing, the current round of investment again. The funds will be used to continue cultivating overseas markets, set up the implementation of active users million class Kika brand breakthrough, and explore new business areas.

Kika input method was born in 2014, mainly for overseas markets, foreign language input is done, do not do the domestic input method market, can be seen as an overseas Sogou input method". Kika positioning itself is the next generation of keyboard application developers". Currently there are twenty million active users, total users of 130 million, distributed in the more than and 140 countries. In overseas markets, the main market is Europe and the United States market, Kika in Europe and the United States accounted for at least 60% of the market share of the third party input method. Kika’s ambition is to serve more than half of the world’s population in the future.

Kika supports more than 70 languages in the world, the input method in addition to multilingual coverage, a significant feature is that it is a "rich elements of expression" input method. In addition to providing regular text input, Kika also has pictures, expressions, audio, video and other elements, it is suitable for young people to enter and chat expression needs. This application has about 1600 Emoji expression and a lot of stickers and GIF, and support custom skin themes and video search and other functions. In other input method is currently in solving the problem can not be used, Kika has focused on the basis of the "fun" on the.

input method is the user just need daily, users use seventy or eighty times a day, because there is a default input method, if the default input method is more difficult to use, the user will be unloaded on the second day." Behind this, Kika is working to build a technology driven company. Kika founder and CEO Hu Xinyong we have intelligent engine to say ", the best 36 krypton glide technology and experience, the recommendation system of high order word best, the core algorithm through large-scale data of artificial intelligence, this is our future, we must go to the technology driven, large-scale investment."

Kika currently has a large number of users and a large number of users to express information, and through big data, Kika can dig out valuable information. According to Hu Xinyong introduced, such as the user to mention what will have a good mood, Kika can be studied through the association of emoticons; or between users in about one item, the future Kika will be able to know the user to the evaluation level. Kika has established an emotional research office, and with a number of universities at home and abroad to conduct in-depth research in this field.

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