today on the habit of the next Baidu search list, saw a " 4399" popular search terms, ranked 11, today’s search for 100 thousand. Point into a look, is a small game type website. But there is always doubt, why an ordinary small game site, its search degree could and the NBA, QQ and other domestic mainstream super keyword as


and then to the Baidu index to find the next, 4399 and little game index is almost. But in the actual search volume on the 4399 day to ten, the small game was less than fifty thousand. And then search the long tail, and sure enough, there are dozens of hundreds of sites, follow suit, up and down a cup of soup.

we again from the user perspective, if you are familiar with 4399 people, most of which are directly enter the URL, because the keyword itself is corn, and Taobao, or the bank is different, because the new users of this website only know this brand name or so, through the search is very normal. So, what is the reason for this strange phenomenon? Very simple reasoning, search volume to.

we first talk about the benefits, the key words are generally in the top ten Baidu search list, and the list of more than 1 thousand and 500 days, the degree of concern that can be imagined, or even directly into a brand. Whether it is from the brand influence or from the actual flow, the benefits are enormous.

so, we can not put this as a network promotion means? Through other ways, make your site search volume list, and maintain, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion? From the cost, the cost of tens of thousands of traffic is very low, we can even buy the window to force search. The traditional enterprises to build a brand, not a few years and tens of millions of funds, it is impossible to do, and we, as long as thousands or tens of thousands can easily achieve this goal within a short period of time.

the whole process is very simple, such as free novel nets, the novel search volume 110 thousand, ranking 10, and the lowest was more than 30 thousand on the list, we can at least a brand, such as the end point Chinese, 58 novels, 163 novels (including 163 long only corn, it doesn’t matter, is to create a brand. Google novels, even Baidu novels can be. Then you can let the window by the program automatically click search, or search induced by other means, or create a search alliance, let everybody at each other. At least Baidu does not expressly provide for the amount of cheating on the search to punish it, 4399 live well is our example.

of course, what I have just said, according to their own experience, of course, to really go to verify whether the amount of fraud 4399 search is also very simple, just do a 4399 long tail keywords up, ten days is enough, then check the flow on the crystal clear. For example, the novel ranked 10, its related long tail keywords, network novels, fiction sites, romance novels, etc.

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