with the rapid development of the Internet today, only one shop has become the mainstream of electronic commerce. According to the CNNIC in the second quarter of the internet report, the number of Chinese users reached 123 million, of which more than 1/6 of the survey shows that Internet users are engaged in online trade, the number of China network has more than 20 million. Human behavior is oriented to motivation, there are 20 million network operators opened a shop, then why do they want to shop on the Internet?

      one, and the physical store comparative analysis of the benefits of the shop

      1, do not worry about receiving false money.

      shop all transactions are carried out through the third party payment intermediary, and the circulation of electronic currency can not be copied, which does not exist the possibility of false money. If there is to say it is the risk of payment security intermediary itself, but with the network is independent, to some extent is the transfer of risk to the third party payment intermediary.

      2, do not worry about the store was stolen

      online virtual network world, although in reality, but in the face of the nothingness of the thief impossible to guard against, the shop they are useless, only to forget the "net" helplessly, give every night can sleep at night.

      3, do not worry about monthly rent, utilities, management fees, public security, health and other expenses of

      open the store costs more than you are to be paid, these "Bodhisattva" are bad, as long as you have a statue of don’t have water, electricity, and seal shop, you even going out, then you will not be able to open the store. The network has never worried about these troubles, as long as the normal 24 hours of business as usual.

      4, do not worry about the location of the shop is not bad no customer

      the store as long as there is a gold pier you can enjoy a stream of people, and if your shop is located in the deep alley you shouted at the top of No one shows any interest in it. The shop will not Feng Shui said, as long as you mind operating properly, the customer will find.

      two, open shop is the ideal choice for entrepreneurship

      in real life, not everyone is qualified to start a business, there are a lot of people say how they are in the outside how to mix well, in fact, they do not call the business, it should be called for others entrepreneurship. So what is entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship should be explained

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