first, let’s talk about the ad, a father put a few Oreo cookies on the table, and then sleep on the sofa, and then play with the children. I think most of the ads have been read. I feel deeply about this ad, not because I like to eat Oreo, but I think this site is really very people have to buy the desire. And I think why this ad can do so well?

1, precise positioning of the target population

Oreo who is the target population, some people will say that the child, this is true, it is true that most of the children are eaten by Oreo, but go to the supermarket to buy a lot of Oreo are parents. So this ad is for parents to see, positioning is very accurate.

for web marketing, analysis the audience crowd I think that everyone will say is the most important, but we need to be more in-depth analysis, analysis of the use of the user and purchasing behavior of the entire process, and then get the precise audience. Like Oreo, the child is responsible for eating, parents are responsible for buying.

2, to meet the demands of users

why Oreo should use this ad, rather than the use of advertising, such as those who claim that Oreo taste good, nutritious. I believe that they are after a long time of analysis, because many parents are too busy, no time to accompany the child, resulting in children and parents are not intimate relationship. And Oreo is to see this point, they let the parents know that the ads through Oreo can make their feelings and children closer.

to meet the needs of users is the key to determine the success or failure of the site marketing, of course, this requires many years of experience, and then in-depth analysis of the user can truly grasp the user’s demands.

3, guide users to think


before the ad did not appear, many parents do not know in fact completely through the little things in life and to strengthen the relationship between children, don’t need much time, also don’t need much money. I want to see the ads after many parents will go to the supermarket to buy some Oreo like television to coax a child, some parents will think of other ideas. However, all this is Oreo to inspire them, they will thank Oreo.

to guide users to think can also be replaced by another word, that is, users do not want to think of the place, and then tell them. If users in your web site discovered this, then they will thank you, will think your site is not the same as a website, because this site gives him more space for thinking, inspired him.

4, twist, lick, soak

this advertisement may not be that style, but is it let us know him on behalf of Oreo, the first is because Oreo second is too much advertising, this advertisement is very vivid, he put advertisements on

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