on 26 September, the public security organs will combat Internet pornographic information to the micro field ", the national anti pornography office, Ministry of Public Security jointly announced the 14 case. The community agreed that the relevant departments in accordance with the law to crack down and investigate the micro field jurisprudence case, indicating that China’s network of jurisprudence zero tolerance, a clear attitude. At the same time also alert the relevant enterprises and individuals should strengthen self-discipline, not to "eye effect" and click rate and to defy the law, should assume their social responsibility.

since August this year, the public security organs in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry of public security, adhere to the "hit early, playing small, playing signs, the detection of a number of micro-blog and WeChat using the dissemination of pornographic materials and prostitution case. Yuan Jin, an associate professor at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies School of Chinese said that pornographic information network is a social nuisance, the relevant departments in a timely manner to investigate the micro field of jurisprudence case, efforts to create a safe and healthy network environment, is a cheerful, works of a good thing.

"Micro-blog WeChat

open every day, always see a few" no limit "of the public marketing account, the release of some yellow piece, playing the edge ball content." Fujian Quanzhou 80 civil Chen Canli said, because acquaintances social media WeChat circle of friends like no forwarding responsibility, jurisprudence information dissemination is more rampant, cleaning up the "micro field" jurisprudence information, it is necessary to investigate the related cases.

all sectors of society to investigate and deal with micro area jurisprudence case special action have expressed support. They believe that minors awareness is still in the hazy state, curiosity, distinguish ability, the superposition of multiple factors, resulting in the minors become the biggest victim of micro domain pornography, affect the physical and mental health.

"because it is impossible for the child to be isolated from the network, so if someone spread pornographic information in micro-blog, WeChat, the poor self-control ability, the harm is great." Beijing No. 8middle school English teacher Wang Yan said.

Guangzhou Yan Yan’s son on the first day of this year, because the school needs to send and receive e-mail to work, the teacher will work through WeChat layout, so she began to guide children to use the Internet and WeChat platform. "The Internet will encounter a small window automatically bounce, forced to push some vulgar pictures and text, children have no ability to identify, now the relevant departments to carry out micro field of jurisprudence is a timely investigation." Yan Fei yan.

of Shanghai Jiao Tong University associate professor Xie Wei said, and "micro field" jurisprudence case special action, which shocked the criminals, the network environment improved significantly, but also to the majority of young people with a green space network, to help young people to get useful knowledge in the network world, establish and develop a correct outlook on life and values.

all walks of life to the net net special action to carry out greater expectations. They believe that the relevant departments to rectify the network to unremittingly, found signs of problems must be severely punished; at the same time, but also to establish a perfect.

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