[IT] (Rachel Sohu News) July 10th news, Sina micro-blog has recently launched a flash sales platform tuan.weibo.com, daily 9 p.m. on 1 items, flash sale, flash purchase goods mostly from Taobao, the official platform of micro-blog @ flash Purchase Assistant page shows: "Ali VS Sina micro-blog = flash purchase", thus see, the flash purchase has become one of the research direction of sina micro-blog and Alibaba cooperation.


to flash purchase, goods mainly for daily necessities, cosmetics and other types of video, a few, the basic price in 200 yuan, support online banking, Alipay, micro-blog wallet payment, free courier fees. Tmall, Taobao, and the goods are fast bag, I know the drug and other vertical electric providers, but with Taobao based businesses.

, according to media reports, this flash purchase platform operator is a subsidiary of sina music technology, 3% yuan per one-way merchant service charges. Mid August flash purchase platform will be revised to increase to three single day, and will continue to access the brand.


micro-blog has a "flash purchase" idea, has worked with Smart Car, mobile phone millet, music boxes, Cao Guowei early in the earnings conference call, Sina micro-blog is especially suitable for flash sales (limit the sale of this kind of social business model). Sina micro-blog can predict orders, publish sales information and communicate to allow more users to participate in. Sina micro-blog hopes to cooperate with customers with e-commerce capabilities, but also with third parties.

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