webmaster network April 26th news, famous stationmaster net users reflect the cold air to the stationmaster net, Taobao shop want in April 26th 15:30 PM failed landing.

webmaster network editor on taobao.com web version of Taobao shop want news release shows normal, but Taobao search community has many users post reflects are not a normal landing Taobao shop want, it is not clear why.


webmaster network editor then call the taobao.com taobao.com staff, the staff said Taobao want to present some problems do exist, some colleagues want taobao.com inside can not use, technicians are currently processing.

netizen says Wangwang system settings will be modified into line network lines Netcom or telecommunications lines (choose according to their own situation and the network line) using the HTTP landing check, this set finished, click on the link link test success.

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