review: MarketWatch columnist Plaidy (Therese Poletti) wrote about science and technology industry in 2013 is reviewed, that next year the situation will be chaos, some surprise.

The following is the

pletti full text comments:

back in 2012 of the technology industry, it can apply the old saying: This is the best of times, it was the worst of times. Looking ahead to 2013, it is estimated that the situation will be the same as chaos and disorder.

in fact, the story of science and technology is becoming more and more polarized. The mobile strategy has reliable enterprise, its performance should be much better than those who still stuck in the past enterprise. It can even be said that even the most of those already focused on mobile technology companies, is also in the direction towards the winner, only a handful of the highly successful game player to occupy the high ground.

Discern Inc Forecast Department Saffo (Paul Saffo) said: "I think, all the people are desperate to find their own unique niche market of the moment, we are destined to go into a chaotic and turbulent times."

personal computer sluggish

no matter from what point of view, the PC industry suffered by the pressure can be used to describe the most. Although in late October, Microsoft (MSFT) released the Windows 8 operating system, but so far, this did not bring what help for the personal computer industry sales, even many people have pointed out that Microsoft had not even the intention. At present, the industry is widely expected that personal computers in 2012 with the largest annual sales last year, has shrunk, is also possible, and this is the first time in nearly ten years.

"the whole ‘Wintel’ market needs to re evaluate its foundation and have a clearer understanding of the future direction of development." Dudley (Ken Dulaney) pointed out that in the past established the entire PC industry standard Microsoft operating system (INTC) architecture is now facing unprecedented challenges.

challenge lies in a certain extent, when consumers and businesses find that they can be quite a task to transfer the tablet computer or smart mobile phone to complete, at this time, feel the need to spend money to upgrade the personal computer is greatly reduced. Although no one think that the personal computer industry will soon die, but we believe that future growth will be poor, and the equipment itself must also evolve, many manufacturers are now experimenting with new designs, such as the integration of the tablet and notebook.


personal computer is now reduced to the peripheral equipment not worth mentioning." Saffo commented, "we compared with the intelligent mobile phone or tablet, it is indeed marginalized. Of course it’s

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