‘s first to promote genuine music payment system Google music search service has just been shut down in the country, the record business end of the music download free lunch again action. Industry sources said recently, several major international record companies including Warner, will in the end of this year or early next year at the United Nations, Baidu, cool, cool dog music QQ music service and try to take charge a monthly subscription music download system. Insiders said that although the implementation of the system is expected to promote the implementation of genuine music pay consumption system, but does not rule out the end of the music record tycoon free lunch in another attempt to end the monopoly, so if the implementation of the charging system, to release rules in the supervision department under the supervision of two degrees, to avoid Chinese erode the record industry.

charging era approaching

recently, media reports said, has received the exact message at the end of this year or early next year, several major international record companies will jointly domestic cool dog, cool, Baidu, QQ music sites try to take charge of the monthly system, including PC and mobile terminal. Users get the original free trial service at the same time, can get close to the CD level of ape, FLAC or MV format music through the mode of payment, and other payment rights. Subsequently, the reporter from an unnamed international record company executives confirmed the news. At present, mainly Warner, global, Sony three major international record companies in the major music websites to discuss the launch of the domestic download charging system. Specific details of the operation is still under discussion, it is not convenient to disclose."

although the details are uncertain, but the terminal service has begun to prepare for this. QQ music market development group of senior marketing director Wu Weilin said in an interview with the media, the music platform and 15 big record companies discuss model for provisional monthly fee, but there will be graded according to the needs of users to customize different charges, different levels of different rights. For example, if the user can pay 7 yuan a month to authorize the download of the song, the music quality of 128kbps; a month to reach $20, users can download music, music quality can reach CD level."

Baidu paid for this era, also opened a music product integration of its door, Baidu MP3, Baidu Ting, Baidu, TT Player and other products can listen music has already been integrated into Baidu music. Zhang Danni, general manager of Baidu music division, said publicly that the purpose of integration is to create a comprehensive digital music platform. It also admits that in the future will discuss with the content partners to try some specific download charging mode.

resolve free download consumer habits is the key

"several major international record companies and domestic music websites jointly push the charging download system, the desire is good, the prospects are positive, but the road is tortuous." In the Cook digital music library CEO Xing Hua seems, the future is certainly the trend of payment, the market prospect of digital music is also broad, if you can struggle for free download >

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