eleven this year how? Tourism shopping is too expensive, too tired, drink clubbing damage to the stomach, the Internet all day exhausted……

      why don’t you change it in eleven?

      if you belong to the following kinds of people, then you must not miss this is our own national day basketball match!

      1 students, can be friends with the ball, to expand their circle of contacts.

      2 IT sitting in front of the computer every day, relax, relax body and mind.

      3 friends who need to solve personal emotional problems, the scene is a great opportunity to exchange feelings.

      4 other types of people who need exercise to relieve release pressure

      friendship first, competition second.
                                                              & nbsp;
      national basketball matches in the specific time and place

      time: October 5, 2007 2:30


      location: Hohhot Vocational College basketball court (channel North Princess House on the north side of


      organization: ah hey community zhaochafa information network
      ah hey team contact                               nbsp;        

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