station network ( January 9th news recently, Sina micro-blog and Alipay announced the launch of micro-blog cooperation, fully open payment, micro-blog and Alipay account. In addition, Sina, micro-blog and Alipay also announced the exchange of two-dimensional code, whether users use micro-blog or Alipay wallet client client, can scan both sides issued the "pay two-dimensional code". This means that micro-blog’s online trading platform and the daily consumption of businesses under the line can be paid through micro-blog client.

Ali small and micro financial services group president Fan Zhiming in the domestic business conference shelling WeChat said WeChat paid infatuation is a kind of disease, and to encourage everyone to use micro-blog to pay. Fan Li said publicly, a APP can not solve all the problems. Tencent is a great company, but not a great company, great companies are here (Alipay and Sina)."


cooperation with Alipay, the first is the account interoperability, fully open up micro-blog and Alipay account, secondly, and most importantly, to achieve interoperability in the two-dimensional code. Micro-blog and Alipay exchange accounts, is shared by users of brothers, while the two-dimensional code is Interoperability for future mobile payment strategic alliance, the largest social networking platform with the largest third party payment watch.

many people in the industry view, Alipay aims to increase new application scenarios, to further expand the payment of the next line to consolidate its sphere of influence, in the field of payment of the city. Particularly eye-catching in the taxi software industry. In December 2013, Alipay and fast taxi began to promote mobile payment function in the rental market in Beijing. Coincidentally, January 3rd, Didi taxi and pay the Tencent WeChat announced cooperation. The core of the competition, there is no doubt that the payment scenario.

since WeChat opened the payment function, completely open up the barriers between social and business, so as to achieve a browse, order, payment, sharing of the closed-loop. Coupled with the characteristics of its mobile, for the field of social software, and third party payment has brought a huge impact. This triggered a strong reaction from Ali, started to strengthen the mobile strategy, and vigorously promote the exchange of social software, but because of the late start, and there are only 20 million users, and that WeChat is sitting on 500 million users compared with a big gap. Seek other ways of blocking WeChat, already urgent.

industry insiders believe that the relationship between social and payment is the future trend of development, but also to bring more value to businesses in terms of marketing. Can not be ignored is that there is a desire for Ali and WeChat products — from the rivalry, and with access to Alipay sooner or later. By then, Alipay will be a three jobs — micro-blog, Alipay, and payment payment from Alipay wallet, is equally or will affect their products’ favour one more than another.

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