May 11th morning news, micro-blog jointly launched the "national Ministry of public security rumor platform will be officially launched in May 12th. The platform is currently the country’s first for a wide range of network rumors and rumor reporting platform, taking the 189 police patrol administrative micro-blog and peace series micro-blog around the Public Security Bureau as the main force in the micro-blog open convenient channel to accept report treatment on Internet rumors of Internet users, while accepting the Beijing Internet Information Office guidance. The introduction of this platform, designed by micro-blog on the platform of the public security administrative micro-blog and power users, to achieve coverage of Internet space and rumor rumors to report the purification, and ultimately create a clear Internet space and ecological.

through the "national rumor platform, users can report false information found in any one on the network platform. In addition to the false information inside the micro-blog station, the user can also be reported to other sites such as information sites, social networking platforms, forums, paste bar and other rumors on the Internet platform, etc..


will be in the home bulletin and the @ micro-blog account service set two rumor fans eye-catching entrance report. As long as users in the report page is to accurately fill out the contents of the report are the contents of the report link or upload screenshots, fill in the report to report the reasons you can upload to the rumor platform of their own.

"the rumor platform on the net and peace officer micro series around the Public Security Bureau official micro will be the first time to report on users for verification, and the official rumor released by micro-blog # rumor # content. Micro-blog @ rumor will also be a joint Ministry of Public Security issued a monthly report released on the rumor, rumor and typical data.

Prior to

, micro-blog has become the preferred channel and platform for government departments at all levels in the hot events in the first time publish information, rumor information is an important part of information disclosure. Up to now, the official number of official micro-blog micro-blog certified more than 110 thousand, of which the public security officer micro close to 20 thousand. The micro-blog government especially public security administrative micro-blog, subject to administrative and judicial organs, to master a lot of first-hand information has become the main force in the rumor, a major emergency, can quickly open response alarm notification, the authority of the rumor. In the Yangtze River Star shipwreck, Tianjin port explosion and other events, in the face of false information on the network, the local public security officials are able to issue the first micro official notification information to curb rumors.

even as many public security official rumor micro daily work. In addition to publishing # @ Jiangning Public Security Online # rumor police Milo works and science, the typical questions often reply to fans, through the interaction to eliminating confusion, become the hearts of fans reliable "Jiangning woman". Jiangsu police have released @ 38 "weekly TOP10" on the Internet rumors, "grab the child", "dizzy after kidney gone" and "street cut" weekly dissemination of the most Internet rumors were collected, concentrated to remind users to be vigilant, do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors.

micro-blog is the first to start systematic governance rumors and false information on social networking sites. In May 2012, micro-blog launched against the

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