"group purchase website now on-line local station, if not through some fancy moves to win the attention of consumers, it is difficult to attract popularity." This year, compared to 5 in June, the domestic group purchase website once launched immediately popular, recently, has just launched 58 group purchase service group purchase Guangzhou Railway Station staff told the reporter grumble, said the website of local group purchase station wants to make something very difficult, and the deep-seated reasons behind the latent reservoir is the group purchase website the increasingly fierce competition.

at the same time, some small group purchase website was started cold, now the group purchase threshold of the site is constantly being improved, especially after the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Electronic Commerce Center Certification Rules of electronic commerce credit" (hereinafter referred to as "credit certification rules"), and released the first batch of e-commerce credit certification and group purchase website retail shopping site list, small group purchase website to survive more difficult.

credit certification referred to as "chicken ribs"

now runs a group purchase website, even if the place is not much, one month down, a few million yuan is uncertain, once again in this small group purchase websites that engage in certification, it is difficult to sustain." Recently, in the credit certification rules after the release, a person who is not willing to buy the name of the site, told reporters.

in accordance with the "credit certification rules", to participate in the certification of the site will be divided into five levels, that is, from high to low are excellent, good, qualified, bad, loss. Among them, the line of credit is an indicator of credit evaluation of electronic commerce, consumers can be publicized through the credit line to determine the transaction risk.

During the

, the first batch of applications submitted to the certification of nearly 300 e-commerce sites, the first batch of only 29 through certification, mainly to buy site. Including 24 stamps, 58 F group, QQ group, group purchase, tick group, Fantong, lashou, meituan and manzuo etc..

the full network through this certification." In the face of their own group purchase site could be the first certified, full network media public relations director Jiang Hu a look of excitement. However, for some people in charge of small group purchase website, but it seems not too willing to participate in the "group purchase website now, the streets are full of money, it is not easy, but also do not know the certification effect will be how to


according to the credit certification rules, the cost of the site certification standard is 6000 yuan / year, shop (member) certification fee standard is 450 yuan / year. During the period, according to the website of the certification period is different, the number of certified shop (member) is different, the total amount of the site to pay the certification fee will be adjusted.

"I can tell you an account balance, although many of the group purchase site look group purchase running account can be as high as the amount of several hundred thousand dollars, but in fact can really settle to profit which is absolutely not, only a few points of profit, sometimes even not worth the cost of Web site operators." The group said the person in charge of the site, in this case, the network recognized

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