the last time I shared with you about the problem of building a local website. There are some more common new owners distress, have to say, for those of us who are interested, but the lack of technology and capital owners.

      the profitability of the site has been a blur of the road. And there are many new owners have to pay a lot, but also do not have any income there, like me, a local forum, IP is almost 1000, already a year, also did not find what profitable way.

      however, there is still a little preliminary attempt and thought. And to share and discuss: (^_^)

      1, my local forum, has been a number of local production units and sales units have been looking for cooperation, engage in activities. I think this is a good opportunity for development, to do a good job and their relationship. In the first cooperation, you can not consider the benefits, it is best to let them feel your sincerity.

      2, the introduction of a local friend and some local small cafes, small restaurant cooperation. These have to say, do not look at these small business units, for your promotion is very important.

      3, the higher level is, and some formal business cooperation. For example, a number of sweepstakes, posting activities, etc., with their prizes, has been playing their banner, more in-depth publicity can be done together, such as leaflets, they pay, you contribute.

      4, government related publicity and education, etc.. In fact, the government for these local forums, or more sensitive, because many may not want to open the matter, the forum will be discussed. On the other hand, the government can undertake some advertising and some moral education, etc..

      5, more development, is to set up the company. Formal publicity, more servers, more development direction, this time, advertising revenue will begin considerable.

      the above are some of my profitable attempts to run a local website for one year.

      in fact, more should be combined with local conditions to implement. I hope to be able to almost the same situation and I have a little reference to the role of the webmaster.

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