1 PPTV or investment Alibaba announced at the end of August

July 29th news, news that the Alibaba shares PPTV negotiations have entered the end, transaction specific PPTV or will be officially announced at the end of August.

in the Sohu drifted away from the video, PPTV behind emerging multiple buyers, including suning.com and Alibaba. The Sohu video failed to negotiate with the PPTV ultimately failed to reach a consensus because the main reason for the price of PPTV bid 5-6 Sohu video feel too high, the two sides failed to negotiate. Suning.com is also because of the price and the PPTV negotiation stalemate. Not long ago, there are rumors that Alibaba intends to acquire PPTV, and there is news that Liu Chunning, general manager of Tencent’s departure in July, has also been low-key to join Alibaba, but this news has not been confirmed. In this regard, PPTV cohesion CEO Tao Chuang (micro-blog) publicly denied.

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2 giant launched full treasure Shi Yuzhu involved in the financial sector

news July 30th, Alipay launched the balance of treasure Internet Financial agitation yijingchunshui, followed by Tencent also launched a cash treasure. Now even the giant network also applied for the full treasure trademark registration. It is reported that the giant network also applied the full treasure related domain names and official micro-blog.

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3 Street Library Network CEO volume disappeared O2O website worrying

July 31st news, recently broke the news that micro-blog O2O business street library network CEO Pan Qiuhui swept away all the investment, the abolition of all employees. Moreover, if employees do not sign the Severance Agreement, compensation and 6 – July salary will not be a single. Create O 2O Chinese industry first brand marketing slogan, so once impress VCs heart, O 2O business street library network won two rounds of financing. Now it has evolved into its performance is not up to the mark".

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