this is not the first time Google stubbornly to their own will instead of the user experience, as the original search engine results in the original window to open the default. Google Adsense ad is in the original window to open the station, if set to a new window to open the account may be stopped.

      open the original window may be user habits, but it may also be a Western habit. First of all, we don’t discuss the interests and the tendency of the advertisers and advertisers. We only look back on the way the search engine results are turned on. Open the first default in the original link to open the window, and confidently teach Chinese user settings that individuality can be modified for the new window open. Later, the fact that the user does not buy it, even a lot of people because the default is the original window instead of using Google. As we all know, Google adjusted the way to open the default open in the new window, the effect is not very clear, otherwise this setting will not continue.

      Google that users and advertisers like to open in the original window, so very strict restrictions on the open. And warned that if you set up a new window to open the ad, the account may be stopped.

      what is the reason for this situation, it is clear that Google believes that this will help protect the interests of advertisers. Of course, Google China’s team can not provide constructive advice on the service development or product team is also a very important issue. Frankly, China service team of dozens of people in addition to think of some valuable suggestions and not all the minor details of construction, play a role in the whole product is too small. Even in the Google Adsense to adjust a function and also know that they pleased with oneself, think about what to do at the end.

      gradually big and bloated Google to modify any default rules need to have very strong evidence and data, it needs to collect people to analyze, but not everyone has enough awareness and ability to complete this task. Even the Google Adsense tour will be issued on the T-shirt is a giant European version, so in terms of rules and expectations of them can not be too high.

      the fact is that so? Westerners we gujubutan, can from the current domestic statistics to see, most Chinese users are accustomed to open in a new window, it contains natural advertisers, advertising and advertising visitor.

      assumptions that are not necessarily Google are untenable, but at least

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