in the remediation of the Internet vulgar wind special action, the network access service providers to provide access services for illegal pornography and vulgar website issues of concern. Recently, the reporter learned from the national Internet campaign vulgarity special action office to understand, since the special action, the Ministry of industry and information technology to strengthen the network access service provider management, to the serious problem of Fujian Province, Xiamen flourishing Chinese Network Limited company of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou billion internet network technology limited company of Jiangsu Province, Jiangyin auwin network science and technology company 55 network access service providers were investigated according to law.

according to the national Internet campaign vulgarity special action office official responsible for the regulation of the Internet vulgar wind special action is currently the regulation of mobile phone media, pornographic and vulgar content development, the next step will be shutting down a number of relevant departments of dissemination of pornographic and vulgar content according to the WAP website, focusing on the fight against pornography and other illegal transmission SMS charges on behalf of enterprises and enterprises to provide for the dissemination of pornographic and other illegal WAP sites, and will not record for rectification of WAP website access service providers.

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