CEO tube Peng Yanhuang network in micro-blog said that part of the CN domain was stopped


technology news (Li Songwei) August 30th news, Guan Peng (micro-blog CEO Yanhuang network address: broke the news in the micro-blog, a large number of CN domain because of failing to submit fixed domain name registration check information, has been the domain registrar stop parsing.

it is understood that the end of May this year, the CN domain name registration service in succession the receipt of the notification, request the domain name registration services "strictly implement the domain name registration applicant should provide true, accurate and complete information for domain name registration regulations", and notify the applicant for domain name registration as soon as possible to complete the domestic domain name registration information on nuclear.

notice also said that if the registered domain name domain name registration information submitted by the domain name holder is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, domain name registration services shall be canceled, and notify the holder of the domain name in written form.


notification requirements, if the domain name holder for the Corporation, shall be submitted to the organization code certificate, registered contact ID; such as the domain name holder for personal or illegal organizations, shall submit registration contact ID.

Guan Peng in the Tencent and technology connection revealed that the CN domain name registration information check is a simple domain name for the record, but as part of the CN domain name holder not in time to submit these domain name registration information has been checked, stop parsing, is expected in the future because information is not submitted registration check stop parsing CN domain name more and more.

is familiar with the domain name registration of the industry pointed out that the Trojan, porn sites spread let domain management institutions to strengthen the management of domain names, with independent management authority of the CN domain name on the Internet first, with more in-depth remediation work, the domain name or face remediation situation.

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