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mentioned travel problems, and now the end of the mobile phone taxi seems to have become a popular way of life, just like online shopping, like the subtle influence of our consumer scene. The first is a double eleven shopping area, after twelve, Chinese car industry and Huimin travel field, is about to usher in the "1.7 car festival".

the afternoon of December 29, 2015, the car industry’s founder, easy-to-use vehicles CEO Zhou hang released an open letter, said the car will create the industry’s first "Car Free Day", make up the car festival regret, the world’s first Internet car company to build the world’s first car festival, easy to as the two world champion, a time attracted both inside and outside the industry to watch. The field of Internet car due to its high frequency just need the market to become the object of capital sought after, become the main battlefield in 2015 burn war, so as to ease the market heavyweights, with a special section of this stage, how to serve the people’s livelihood capital deduction wonderful story that


"Car Festival" before training: An army marches on its stomach.

Forewarned is forearmed. Prior to this, the car is easy to carry out in the country "prepaid cash back" and "national price" activities have rocked the domestic car industry, won the drivers and users alike, this good beginning will undoubtedly popular car festival made enough preparation. At the same time as the world’s first Internet is easy to car company, after four rounds of financing, and more recently to LETV $700 million heavily into is the capital, through the real benefits to capital services to the people’s livelihood, and for the benefit of users.

to implement specific capital serving the people’s livelihood, easy to on-line in November "prepaid cash back" activities, quality and price level of bus service once again by the hot pursuit of the user. Recharge is now back to the national price cuts (the highest drop of up to 60%), more full of 1 points collar and a series of combination of boxing boost, so that the full charge back to climb to the peak of activity. According to official data show that after the end of the first batch of Huimin activities, easy to car users to recharge the amount of a day and then break ten million, the total recharge amount of nearly 500 million, activities benefit users up to 520 thousand.

the most precious friend is the icing on the cake, but the people of Beijing timely assistance, after several days of winter snow baptism plus haze travel more difficult, easy to through meticulous service for users of 360 degrees on the platform easy to care, the first time launched an emergency anti haze car, and equipped with professional 3M anti haze masks in the car inside, let each take the "anti haze car" passengers get off before you can get in protecting security. Not only in the winter service more nuanced, will not have a floating price mechanism in bad weather, looting, easy to take the lead in the industry to make the "easy to model firm does not increase the practical thinking, the user is king.

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