angel investors, Meitu Xiu Xiu chairman Cai Wensheng

7.5-7.7 Startup Weekend startup weekend held in Xiamen acbon coffee, at the event, the topic development of well-known angel investors, Meitu Xiu Xiu chairman Cai Wensheng on the mobile Internet and business related to the participating entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial team to share. Talking about creativity, execution, financing, the mobile Internet era of change in many dry cargo.

creative did not perform without

Of course,

is worth a lot of money, but sometimes it’s quite worthless, but in Cai Wensheng’s opinion, if there is no executable program, it will be of little value. Cai Wensheng at the scene for everyone to show a picture of the artwork (see below), this work last month at a Sotheby’s auction for $5 million. It is just a piece of paper, only Italy famous artist Fontana with a knife on a few strokes, why does it cost so much money? Because it shows a concept in a plane with a knife shaped stereo feeling. The artist was the first to come out and do it, so the idea was worth it. But in China, if there is such a creative, may soon be copied or copied. Therefore, the idea is to find a more effective way to perform, it is valuable.

Cai Wensheng believes that only good ideas, ideas should not participate in the game. He cited the example of hao123, 4399 founder Li Xingping. Li Xingping has a feature of the Internet: when he was doing a product in a small town in Guangdong, Meizhou, almost do not go out, do not participate in any activities, unless to find Cai Wensheng in Xiamen. Hao123 is from the beginning of 2000 to do, 4399 is from the beginning of 2004 to do, if you had to participate in the game there is no hao123, there is no development of today’s 4399. There will be thousands of people competing with him." Cai Wensheng said that the real good idea should be done, as soon as there is an idea to participate in the game is generally difficult to succeed.

but Cai Wensheng believes that the game is meaningful, the game can be shared with you, to recognize some people, it is possible to dig their own talent is missing, or exposure to VC, investors, etc..

to make money for entrepreneurs is the first important

why entrepreneurship, simply nothing more than two points, money and ideals. With the Cai Wensheng experience, basically all China entrepreneurship competition project is basically to the ideal to rely on, say too, to cause to highfalutin, public welfare, to change human, "these are nonsense, only when you earn money, in order to achieve the ideal second stages. For example, Xu Xiaoping and I, after we earn money, it is now possible to achieve the so-called public welfare, ideals, etc.. Ten years ago, I just want to make money, we don’t have to say you want to make money. Money is the first thing you want to! "

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