September 29th morning news billion state power network from Chiba jewelry e-commerce director Chen Yong micro-blog that the network has been the traditional nine diamond jewelry company Yue jewelry purchase, the purchase price temporarily unknown, the original nine drill networks team disbanded.


Chen Yong micro-blog screenshot

              then the state power grid nine drill contact network, the phone has been in the other state missed. According to the chairman of the Internet famous diamond brand zoccai said Wu Tao, Zocai once and nine diamond nets approached talked acquisitions, but failed for various reasons, and then drilled nine nets are Yue jewelry purchase.

It is reported that

, the nine joint drills the net by Chen Bin Lebaishi founder He Boquan founded was founded in 2005, 2008 and obtained by KPCB, RAPAPORT, Qiming group and a total of four companies $10 million in venture capital. The RAPAPORT group is a global diamond price maker, has successfully invested in the United States, the largest online diamond sales company Blue nile.

industry pointed out that the nine diamond diamond jewelry network is founder of B2C, has acquired a lot of investment and attention, but then he was the bright younger generation Kelan diamond, diamond bird, Zocai and beyond, and finally become the sale result is worth thinking. "Electronic commerce more eventually to make money, as if it were raining flowers, or get more investment will soon burn."

nine diamond network accounted for a good opportunity, but in the end missed the opportunity. The main reason is the team, since their inception, the core executives for three rounds, each for executives, marketing strategy for a good, no experience accumulated, market positioning also followed up chaos." An anonymous diamond B2C website founder analysis.


diamond B2C executives bluntly, nine drills the net since the establishment of trading volume has not up to now and the diamond bird, Kelan diamond, Zocai and other brands is not at the same level. There is no transaction volume there is no cash flow, nine diamond network was faced with enormous financial pressure. Nine diamond network also gives us a revelation, the next stage of e-commerce not only depends on the size of the market, but also to see whether the profit."


in the Baidu index, nine diamond net, diamond bird, Kelan diamond in the major city in the distribution of users it is reported that there are nine diamond Kelan diamond net, net, net, Devine, new diamond bird jewelry and The Danube blue diamond net size diamond jewelry line in the B2C service providers have been break 100, fierce competition in the industry. (Da Hong)

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